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Enhancing Integrity Initiative in Business (Project 12) is a business-led initiative managed and implemented by the Office for Business Sustainable Development of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry to further promote integrity in business through collective action. The relevant Vietnamese Government Agencies will involve in the project such as Government Inspectorate (GI) of Vietnam, Central Committee of Internal Affairs, Government Inspectorate Research Institute (GIRI) and so on. With an aim to assist companies, both domestic and foreign, operating in Vietnam to collaborate as partners to ensure integrity in business towards a sound and transparent business environment. It is 5 year project starting from 2015 to 2019 and will be managed with some key principles as follows:

- To make recommendations to complete policies and legal frameworks towards transparency and integrity in business environment.

-  To promote to develop standards and good practices of transparency and integrity in the public sector and private sector. 

-  VCCI is well positioned to mobilize and form a coalition of business member organizations (BMOs) committed to implement integrity and transparency in  business.

- To encourage businesses to proactively engage with government agencies and civil societies to combat corruption and briber

To provide technical supports to each enterprise to formulate and conduct transparent and integrity business culture internally and with external partners.

Scopes of work of the project will focus on food processing and foodstuff, leathers and footwear, garment and textile, manufacturing, electrical and electronics, tax, customs, finance and banking. The key content will aim to awareness raising and improving transparency and integrity in business environment and to promote collective actions on enhancing transparency and integrity and capacity building for business and relevant stakeholders on integrity and transparency. Expected outcomes will include (i) Business environment in Vietnam will be improved in terms of the legal framework improvement and incentive formulation to encourage transparency and integrity in business operation, (ii) Best practices of integrity and transparency will be studied and adapted across business sectors through collective action initiatives, (iii) Awareness of business and relevant stakeholders on integrity and transparency corporate governance will be raised. It is expected that hundreds of businesses gradually develop their own code of conduct.

Throughout 2015 - 2019, the project will work to encourage businesses to sign integrity pledge to proactively manage risks, promote integrity and safeguard their businesses by their commitment and action on development and implementation of the Corporate Integrity Program to manage corruption risks and promote integrity, thereby creating a fair business environment. Enclosed, you can find Business Statement of Intent Letter .

The business integrity platform comprises three main components:






  • A Transparency International's tool localised for Vietnam: answer 16 questions and get the report on how your company  stand on integrity








  • A Transparency International's tool localised for Vietnam: 1.5hrs course for companies to train their employees and guide partners on how to eliminate bribery in doing business. 








  • A Transparency International's tool localised for Vietnam: List of companies with the level of development of their Corporate Integrity Programme.

  • The integration of an integrity commitment into the corporate responsibility agenda sends a strong signal that the private sector shares responsibility to address and counter corruption. This platform module namely “Corporate Integrity Programme” provides companies with a simple but effective tool for reporting about the internal system that helps prevent corruption and promote integrity in their business. You will use it to report on certain Basic Reporting Elements via following steps which are reflected in corresponding stars lighted up on your profile:


  •  FIRST STAR lighted up showing you have had a public commitment on doing business with integrity.


  •  SECOND STAR lighted up showing you have assessed your company's Corporate Integrity Programme.


  •  THIRD STAR lighted up showing you have developed a system of policies and procedures to address integrity risks


  •  FORTH STAR lighted up showing you have been implementing your policies and procedures to actually prevent and react to interity risks.


  •  FIFTH STAR lighted up showing you have been monitoring and evaluating your Corporate Integrity Programme for timely improvement


  •  SIXTH STAR lighted up showing you have regularly made public reports on the effectiveness of your Corporate Integrity Programme.








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